Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pay No Attention To the Man Behind This Curtain

I didn't tell you this before, but I have a major job interview tomorrow.


I really want this job.

I would be happy to have any job at this point, but to get a job in my field for a large corporation where I would be performing a function that I spent the last several years of my life striving for and learning to perform well and get paid to do, in a beautiful and professionally designed building with atriums and shit, that's really more of a state of the art educational facility, well that would be really nice. Did I mention that it pays about 35% more than my last job too?

Friday night my back started to feel like it was on it's way out.

Sometimes, because my leg is so screwed up and I walk funny (my limp is either barely noticeable or my friends and loved ones are really good liars) I get these crippling back spasms. I can usually tell when they are coming on and walk on eggshells and try to do lots of stretches until the moment either passes and I recover or I spend the next 3 or 4 days flat on my back crying and braying in pain like a big jackass.

I have spent most of this weekend doing everything in my power to recover before 1pm tomorrow when I have to put on panty hose, a suit, tasteful jewelry and a big giant smile and spend 2+ hours trying to convince 3 people I have never met that I'm amazing in every way and perfectly suited to manage their web based hoozie whatsis and teach a class or two.

I'm way more convincing as a fabulous human being when I don't walk like a slow motion robot and punctuate every movement that involves lifting my arms with a horror movie scream.

MDH has been very helpful to me this weekend by picking things up and getting me stuff when I need it. A couple of times he has held my hand when I need a little support getting up from the sofa or out of bed. He even rubbed the small of my back a little without me even having to ask. He's been a real life saver, but I don't think it would be appropriate for me to bring him with me to my interview tomorrow. Maybe if I cover him up with a sheet they won't notice him.

There is no way I'm cancelling. No way.


Betty said...

heheh, cover him up in a sheet.

oh you poor thing - back pain is a bitch!

GOOD LUCK with this job, I sincerely hope everything goes well for you. Just smile through the pain, baby.

Tara said...

I'm so sorry about your back pain. I can't imagine the discomfort you're going through, but I hope your interview goes well tomorrow! The job and the office environment sounds great!

WendyB said...

Good luck good luck good luck (in my family, we always say it thrice)

Family Adventure said...

Oh Lady, I hope you feel better. This job sounds *amazing* and I want you to get it. Even if it means fewer blog posts. Because I'm not selfish.

Seriously - sending healing vibes your way. Mike has killer backproblems, too, so I know a little about it.


Del-V said...

Back problems suck. I hope you get the job.

step right up said...

Getting to teach would be so enjoyable I think. I say enjoyable because if given the opportunity, I would more "brainwash" than teach because I think that would be super enjoyable. And you know what would be even more super enjoyable? To brainwash in a place with atriums!

Here's to hoping your back spasms go away and you land the job!

CDP said...

Good luck, I hope you get it! Hope you're feeling better today.

The Guv'ner said...

OMG good luck woman!!!

Also? That photo of the jackassmanthing? SO WRONG:)

AND? ...designed buildings with atriums and shit.

Their atriums have shit? Are you sure this is a good thing?

pistols at dawn said...

Good luck to you, miss, even though I've got to say that working is overrated.

Churlita said...

Good luck. Your husband sounds amazing. I think you should cover him in a sheet and take him everywhere with you.