Friday, November 23, 2007

Comfort Eagle (Not funny, but full bellied)

Here are some lovely snaps of the first Thanksgiving I've ever hosted (or heard of) where everyone wore pajamas. Yes, none of us bathed or changed into normal clothes all day long. I cooked, served and enjoyed the entire day in the same outfit I had worn to bed the night before, as did everyone else. I had on a sports bra, of course. I'm not a total barbarian.

That is good living.

So, fuck you Martha Stewart - I recommend that everyone someday should enjoy a holiday in loungewear and slippers.

We all agreed that no photos would be taken of any of us in our less than photogenic and unpresentable states. Well, none that will ever be published on the internet.

The Thanksgiving Spread
What a difference a day makes...
Tonight's fare, a little bit lighter just a nice salad and some Sausage & White Bean Cassoulet, which you can find the recipe for here.


evil-e said...

You might not do lunch, but it certainly looks like you did dinner...and well. I like the idea of hanging out all day in the jammies on a holiday. It's very untraditional, but could start a tradition.

another good thing said...

Love the jammie day idea. You should have posted pictures with a big black smudge over your faces...or an "X".. hah.
I told my husband this morning that I hadn't showered in 2 days. He looked surprised. I told him I was conserving water.

pistols at dawn said...

It's like a holiday pajama jammy jam.

Churlita said...

Oh my god, I'm so jealous. It all seems so perfect.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Evil - At around noon I announced that I had no intention of taking a shower and putting on make-up. Being a natural leader everyone else decided this was a great idea and followed my example. We may spend New Years Day in the same fashion so to speak.

AGT - I have no problem going without make-up amongst loved ones in the privacy of my own home - but I would have bitch slapped anyone who tried to take my picture.

Pistols - Not to be all valley-girl and shit, but it was totally awesome.

Churlita - I know! You are always looking for ways to spend more time in your jammies. Also didn't have to change into my fat pants cause I weas already wearing them.

Family Adventure said...

We have PJ days more often than I care to admit. Phone off the hook, front door bolted. There's nothing better. Except, of course, a dinner spread like yours to enjoy. Must try that next time.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Heidi :)

Betty said...

Oh yum! I wish somebody would cook me a home cooked dinner like that. A big bowl infront of a movie with friends, that would be so nice....