Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dan Has the Conn

As I have mentioned in some previous posts our favorite couple friends Dan & Steph came to our house for Thanksgiving.

Dan has been one of my best friends for nearly 20 years. In the days when both of us were single we would sit around together in one anothers apartment playing video games or watching endless hours of TV, so it should be no surprise that although I spent a good deal of our time with his wife Steph in the kitchen, Dan and I managed to get in some good TV time.

Being a gracious host I turned over the conn (that's geek speak in my house for cable remote control) to Dan and let him have at it with the on demand programming available on our cable system. Here are a couple of tid-bits that he found on Adult Swim.

These are both from something called the Tim & Eric Awesome Show.




Family Adventure said...

T'IRD -- hilarious!!!

The second...not so much. I was kinda giggling until the end. When I all of a sudden felt kinda ill.

I think my husband would enjoy it. Must be a male thing.

Heidi :(

evil-e said...

I have to go moisten my fence wood now. I saw the first one the other night after the girlfriend fell asleep and I had the remote. Adult Swim has some gems buried amongst the garbage.