Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bonus Airport Rant - Lucky You!

Pay attention architects and airport designers - this one's for you.

I think whoever designed the ladies rooms in most airports should be sat down an severely scolded.

Here is what we need:

  1. Plenty of stalls!

  2. Sturdy, plentiful hooks to hold purses, coats, and laptop bags (maybe even a little shelf).

  3. Towel dispensers and trash receptacles in between each sink so that we don't have to walk all over hell's half acre to dry our hands and make the floor all drippy in the process.

  4. Toilet paper dispensers that actually allow for the free flow of paper products - instead of having to use 175 ripped and torn pieces of toilet paper desperately wadded together.

  5. NO MORE AIR DRYERS - they take too long and you have to stand around and wait your turn like a chump.

Ladies? Anything else to add?


Suzel's Sass said...

All the bathroom doors should be swing doors that can be pushed in and out with your feet. NOT with the hands you just cleaned.

Step Right Up said...

But have you used those amazing hand dryers that are super loud and so strong you can see the skin on your hands move? They really do work!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Suzel - good one! that's what I'm talkin' about!

Step - yes, I agree those are good, but there aren't enough of them and you still gotta stand around all drippy and wait your turn. I prefer the automatic towel dispensers.

Churlita said...

You DID send this to someone who has some pull, didn't you?

Grant Miller said...

Wanna have some fun? Try Greyhound next time.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Churlita - no I don't really know anyone who is currently designing any airport ladies rooms, but you never know - the internet is a strange and wonderous place - someone may stumble across it and change the course of public powder room history.

Mr. Miller - How very nice of you to drop by. Welcome! I appreciate your kind suggestion, but I'd rather have a pineapple pulled through my left nostril.

Tara said...

The last airport bathroom I was in was at Hopkins Airport, but I can't remember if there was anything aside from what you listed that bothered me..Definitely put more stalls in the bathroom. Maybe better, brighter lighting?

pistols at dawn said...

#6 - Gloryholes. As long as you're down there already...

Superstar said...

Stop putting hooks on the back of the stall so theives can reach over and steal them. Give me a leadge or a hook right next to the paper, so I can pee/hover without the fear of a theif, while I squat, whipe and adjust all my carry on's.

Waiting area's. You should have benches w/ pads on them, so should I get stuck in the airport due to inclimate weather, I can sleep, nap or rest. Why must I try to snuggle my oversized almost 6 foot body onto a chair made for a 5 foot asian man?

that should get us started....LOL ;o)

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Pistols - those are for the men's room, Wide Stance.

Superstar - ah honey, it never occurred to me that someone would steal my shit over the door!

Ms. Laaw-yuhr said...

Lot's of stalls...that are CLEANED REGULARLY.

Also *NEVER* use the hot hand dryers.
See those dryers need to be cleaned our regularly or they get a gunk that builds up in them that can shoot out at an extremely hot temperature. There's a case where a young girl got her hand burned off from the flaming hot gunk that shot out of one.