Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Need This #3

Jumbo Univeral Remote
Ahh... This item is designed to make you smile isn't it? I can see where it would solve a lot of dilemmas for some folks - lost remotes, can't see the buttons, shred of dignity left, etc.. It also brings to mind the time that my Grandma Greene picked up the remote control to our TV and tried to call my uncle Dan with it. The channel changed a whole bunch of times and she held the device to her face and kept saying "Dan? Dan?". I treasure that memory and picturing her doing it with this remote makes it even more special.

"Cucumber" Eye Pads

You may as well go all out and put a picture of a hat on your head, dry off with a picture of a towel and eat pictures of food. A jar of 24 of these beauties go for $12.98. A real cucumber goes for about a dollar or less. If you buy these and live within a 100 mile radius of a grocery store you are officially an idiot. Maybe not though, if you paid for them with pictures of money.

Farting Slippers
It's already a good day if I don't fart every time one of my feet hits the pavement. But then again, maybe these slippers could help mask the sound of the real ones. I also must bring to your attention the artful fart-poof graphic photo-shopped into the picture. Don't you love the idea of going for a jog in these things?

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Rachel said...

I can think of a few people that I could get those slippers for.