Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Enjoy Being A Girl

My birthday gift from my mom arrived today. FYI my birthday was a month and a half ago - but who's keeping track? I guess I am. Did I mention the late birthday gift was from my own mother? Anyhoo... after I got over being hurt and insulted I decided to not think of it as a super late birthday gift but instead relish the concept of the unexpected surprise gift in the middle of a boring Friday afternoon.

Not only was it an unexpected surprise gift, but a really great one from Bliss Spa. It was a big purty blue box filled with girl stuff - potions as MDH calls them. Lemon and sage "Soapy Sap" (I love it when potions have cute names too) body cream, scrubby stuff and some free samples. My joy was slightly deadened when I realized that I'd have to call my mom to thank her for the super late birthday gift, but I sucked it up.

I tried to play up on my excitement about the contents of the box rather than the arrival date. I learned long ago that mentioning my mother's occasional thoughtlessness with regard to my existence doesn't lead to situations that make anyone feel better. So it's become an arena (yet another) in which my passive aggressiveness is given free reign to shine. A thousand thanks to Amy and MDH for being my number one sounding boards. I couldn't survive without them.

What to do after the cheerful thank you mom phone call where weirdly, somehow I end up apologizing to her for I'm still not sure what? Take a long therapeutic bath with my new lemon and sage scented fancy potions. All better. Well I also power walked for 40 mins and screamed into a pillow. AND I now smell great too.

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Rachel said...

Girly stuff is great. I love lotions, perfume, etc.

But, I HATE candles. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty and some smell nice, but I don't ever burn them because I have animals in the house. I can just picture setting Ashen's tail on fire by having a random candle lit.

I haven't ever noticed the passive/aggressive thing, but I don't think that I have ever pissed you off to see it.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)