Saturday, October 6, 2007

Up With Thumbs

I will be stepping away from my blog for the next several days to go on a big swanky 5th wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas.

As we recently seem to have turned into gambling addicts the trip is all comped. For you casino gambling virgins out there comped stands for complimentary, meaning we (my darling) have (has) blown so much money on video poker at Harrah's properties that most of our expenses are on the house.

We will be whisked to our free Augustus Tower junior suite via free limo from the airport. We will dine for free and spa for free. They offered to entertain us for free with tickets to see Tony Danza starring in The Producers, but we declined as we both believe Tony Danza to be an unwatchable buffoon.

Meanwhile in a lame effort to keep you entertained in my absence I found this fun little thing on someone else's blog and now I don't remember who or where as I have lost the link. Sorry! Whoever you were, but thanks for the idea!

Turns out I'm a Thumb

You Are the Thumb

You're unique and flexible. And you defy any category.
Mentally strong and agile, you do things your own way. And you do them well.
You are a natural leader... but also truly a loner. You inspire many but connect with few.

You get along well with: The Middle Finger

Stay away from: The Pinky

I took the liberty of answering the questions for MDH too because he thinks such things are bullshit and would never waste his time taking an idiotic bullshit finger quiz.

Turns out if I were MDH he'd be an Index Finger.

You Are the Index Finger

You are ambitious, driven, and capable.
You aren't afraid to take responsibility for your actions - or place the blame on whoever deserves it.
You are honest, free thinking, and objective. You see things in your own way - and you aren't afraid to let everyone know about it.

You get along well with: The Thumb

Stay away from: The Ring Finger


The Guv'ner said...

I can tell you without a doubt what finger I'd be! And it isn't POLITE.

What was I going to say.

Oh yes, Tony Danza. I seem to remember when "Taxi" was around and thinking he was "Dreamy". I may have used that actual word. In my defense it was the late '70s and I was too young to have grown a brain yet (or any sense of taste, obviously). I mean I was wearing knee socks and a school uniform for crying out loud.

I'm sure Tony Danza would have loved to sweep my ten year old self up in his muscly Italian boxer arms and marry me. He or The Fonz because at that age you're not fussy.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I also loved him when I was a child. Now he has a certain je ne sais quoi that bugs the livin' merde out of me.

Pardon my French I'm listening to Edith Piaf while I'm typing this.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Oh yeah! Thanks for stopping by Guv - I'm a big fan!

Churlita said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure without taking that quiz that I would be the middle finger. It kind of suits me.

dmarks said...

"Buffoon" is an underused word at times. Tony Danza was also in that lame sitcom with Judith Light that seemed to go on for 20 years. It was a more gentle time for TV sitcoms; shows like that one could last for years before being canned

The Guv'ner said...

Gosh Lady, you make a lady's head get all big. (Aren't you glad I'm not a dude saying that!)?

Or not...

Chris said...

Hey, congrats on your anniversary and good luck!

Good call passing on The Danz. You're time could be much better spent gambling, drinking, or getting another massage. If you can do all three at once, you've already won.

Anonymous said...

A comped weekend in Vegas sounds like a fun way to celebrate 5 years to me. Congrats!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love slot machines.
I love Tony Danza.

Laaw-yuhr said...

Happy Anniversary. And I totally stole your thumb quiz (I did link to you though). I'm a pinky.