Thursday, October 4, 2007

Icky Mouse

I got the little fucker that was rummaging around gnawing the wooden handles off the utensils in my gadget drawer.

We'd been living like wild animals for the past two weeks with the contents of the gadget drawer dumped temporarily in a paper shopping bag on the dining room table. Every time I needed a bottle opener, corkscrew or foil cutter I had to root around in that goddamn paper bag - can you imagine my anguish?

I replaced the contents of the drawer with a paper towel upon which I placed a brand new no see, no touch mousetrap baited with a generous wad of organic peanut butter.

The no see no touch trap is a thing of beauty.

The mousy goes into the holey and the trappy is immediately swiveled shutty. I don't even know how the trap kills the mousy and I frankly don't give a shit.

I get to live oblivious to the suffering of vermin, just how I like it.

The only way I know a mousy has been detained in the trap is because the little hole is closed and the paper towel has been ripped with little tiny claw marks. The paper towel was my idea. I'm just tidy and wasteful of paper products like that. That's how I roll. Get it? Paper towel? Roll?

Ahhh... Anyhoo...

I also noticed there were little tiny bits of black plastic mousetrap all over the drawer. And No it wasn't poop. I had MDH check. I think the mouse may have struggled and tried desperately to claw his miserable way out, leaving behind little mousy shavings of death. Not that I care.




Tara said...

So I guess this means you won't be holding a memorial service for mousy? ;)

I had a mouse a few years ago. It was stealing my cat's food during the night, and I'd find little piles of food under my sink. My cat never caught the thing so I caught it with a live trap and then set it loose in the woods. Next mouse that visits will find me to not be as lenient.

Churlita said...

Good for you for getting rid of your meeces. I'm with you, Idon't care how they go, just as long as they're gone.

Michelle said...

No see, no touch...nice!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

critters freak me out. As in: hyperventilate

Johnny Yen said...

A few years ago, my ex's landlord decided to renovate the two-flat she lived in. Mice poured out of the open walls. And somehow it became ex-boyfriend's job to get rid of the mice, since the landlord was completely incompetent in this regard. Having dealt with it in an apartment I lived in, I was swift and efficient in raining death and entrapment around the filthy little bastards. Some of them are clever-- they avoid the snap traps, which usually get 90% of them. I got the rest with sticky traps. But of course, neither she nor our son would deal with those. I had to drive over to her place and take the screaming, bug-eyed, terrified little vermin out to the garbage. I had no mercy.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I've heard some really ugly stories involving those glue traps and chewed or ripped off limbs, etc. It's too much for me to imagine. Poison is out of the question with my kitty (a mammal I'm trying not to kill) in the house.