Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Need This #1

I have decided to start a weekly feature called "Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Need This". I find myself saying it a lot when I'm out shopping. Also it will give me a reason to peruse the Harriet Carter catalog on a more regular basis since that will be one of my main sources of material. There is a lot of ridiculous shit out there and one of my greater joys in life is to make fun of it.

The Pet Pill Organizer
If your pet is so ill and on so much medication that you require this product - I have one word for you - Euthanasia.

Elk Bathroom Accessories
How much must you love Elk in order to consider purchasing any of these items individually - let alone have an entirely Elk themed room in your home? The fact your are the first among your friends or neighbors to have an Elk themed bathroom doesn't make you innovative and design savvy. It makes you crazy.

The Jerky Blaster
If you own this item and are making jerky in your own home as a hobby there is something wrong with you. Are you that guy that brings it to work and gives it as gifts in greasy ziplock bags? We only accept this stinky gift and say "thanks" because we are afraid of you.

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