Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

My blogger friend Tara gave me an award weeks ago and I hope she will forgive me for taking so long to respond. Not only is it an award, but it's an award that has strings attached in the form of a meme. Yes. How cool is that? An award and a meme. It's a sensation like chocolate and peanut butter they just go together and I'm thrilled for the recognition.

It's all girly with frills, ruffles and afternoon tea.

It is cute, no?

Anyhoo... I've been meaning to respond for quite a while now and was finally able to take a moment and sneak away from job hunting and entertaining my mother in law who is (still) visiting from Boston.

Excuses, excuses. I always feel terrible when you all leave such lovely comments on my blog and I never seem to have the time to leave any on your blogs. For the record though I am actually reading your blogs every day with my Google Reader when I'm at work although I can't sign into Blogger to leave comments on them.

No worries though, soon I'll be out of a job and I'll have all the time in the world for blogging. Heh, heh. Oy.

And now... the meme portion of my post:

5 Obsessions

1. Finding a job before my current contract is up in September.

2. The prevention of fine lines and tiny wrinkles. It consumes me and sometimes I feel like the shallowest person on the planet.

3. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

4. The recipe for “Sunday Beans” in last weeks New York Times Magazine. I can’t wait to make this.

5. My hair. I need a haircut desperately. I’m a total freak of female-ness in that, aside from the occasional and inexplicable root perm or brunette color job I for some reason subject myself to every couple of years, most of the time I really like my hair. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to schedule an appointment and now I'm about 12 weeks gone with no hair cut. I'm looking quite dreary. To add insult to my scarecrow head I just learned that my stylist has reduced her hours to part time in order to spend more time with her infant son and it has become nearly impossible to get an appointment with her. Damn baby.

5 Dislikes

1. My hair stylist’s baby.

2. Bad service at a doctor’s office. I had to find a new OBGYN (again) because I refuse to be treated so horribly for a service that we pay so much money for. I waited in the waiting room for 45 minutes until they finally put me in an examination room where I waited for an additional 30 minutes while wearing nothing more than a paper towel. I finally left. I got dressed first of course. I wonder though - how much longer would they have left me there? I never heard from them either. They never called to see if I was OK or find out what might have happened to me. Assholes.

3. The Bachelorette. I’d never seen this show before, but MDH and I watched it this week with my mother in law. Not that I don’t watch my share of terrible TV, but this was particularly bad.

4. Men who wear cowboys hats for no discernible reason. Unless it’s Halloween, if you live in Michigan or parts east of Oklahoma and the like, and don’t own a horse, a herd of cattle or a piece of property larger than a quarter of an acre you have no business wearing a cowboy hat.

5. Flat screen TV’s are everywhere. Have you noticed this? The hotel we stayed at in Syracuse last week had a flat screen over every elevator, like 2 elevators next to each other and both of them had a flat screen TV over it, on every floor. The hotel also had flat screen TV's in every hallway, sitting area and public space. It was maddening. I felt like there was no escape.

5 Tagged & Awarded:

I'm going to stick with the girly theme of the award like Tara did. A couple are the usual suspects, but I've thrown in a couple of bloggers I read regularly but rarely comment on:

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... said...

Oh snap! Just yesterday I learned I melted my tea kettle to my stove burner AND I threw out one of two plants in my place that isn't a cactus. It was only a week old and my black thumb of death already killed it.

If I knew how to curtsy/ever wore something to be able to preform a curty I would definitely do so now.

It seems I should get back to updating my blog.

Thank you! :)

Gwen said...

I will get on this ASAP. Thanks for the award!

Speaking of beans, I need to email you this recipe I found for a traditional Mexican dish called frijoles puercos ("pork beans.") I had them while in Chicago last weekend - a friend's stepmom is Mexican and brings them to every party. I couldn't get the recipe from her - language barrier - but I think I found the recipe using my culinary detective skills. Will share as soon as I get back to the office and a scanner.

Tara said...

I will certainly forgive you for the delay, especially since we both dislike guys who wear cowboy hats without a reason. I also hate bolo ties. They make my skin crawl.

Claire said...

Thanks! I love awards, and I like memes, too, not least of all because they save me from coming up with an idea for a post. I'll do this in the next day or so.

- said...

so, while i'm a guy and i desperately want the biggest, flattest tv available, i do agree that they are being used in the most ridiculous places these days. my school has several gracing random foyers of buildings, in out of the way locations, displaying nothing important at all!

mmg said...

Aw, thanks!! And then I go and quit my blog. I'm a jerkface.
But seriously - thanks for the award.

Also, what's wrong with your hair stylist's baby?

Churlita said...

I grew up in Arizona, so I'm right there with you on the cowboy hats for no reason. I live in Iowa now, so I have a problem with the "cool kids" wearing trucker or seed corn caps who aren't truckers or farmers too. Annoying.

BeckEye said...

You don't like guys who wear cowboy hats for no reason? So, you don't find Bret Michaels sexy?? Wow, he won't believe you!

Actually, he has a reason for wearing one. It's to keep that ridiculous weave from blowing away.