Monday, May 4, 2009

A Very Long Meme Just for You

My back is out again. Two times in less than 4 weeks. I'm scared people. I've finally found a doctor and I'm going to make an appointment today (no worries).

Anyhoo... I'm feeling good enough to sit in my office chair today and complete this meme that I found at Untitled Blogger Project (I've been lurking over there for awhile and have finally added him to my blog roll) who in turn got it from A World So Small. The woman who writes A World So Small is English (I assume) so I had to translate some parts of the meme (pounds to dollars, favourite to favorite, etc..) to American to avoid any confusion. Those whacky Brits and the rest of the English speaking world outside the US of A and their crazy spellings!

What is your current obsession?
Oddly enough considering that last paragraph, I am recently obsessed with anything having to do with Charles Dickens. I blame Masterpiece Classic. They’ve given us the most amazing version of Oliver Twist that I cannot imagine will ever be topped with Timothy Spall as a most sympathetic Fagin. They’ve replayed the version of David Copperfield from several years back (starring the adorable Daniel Radcliffe) and given us Little Dorrit. I’d never read Little Dorrit so I was waiting for each new episode with giggling glee.

This week it’s The Old Curiosity Shop, which I have also never read and know almost nothing about. I recorded the first episode on the DVR last night, but sadly must wait until next week when MDH comes home from Texas as I have infected him with the Dickens obsession now too and he would be very upset if I watched it without him.

What is your weirdest obsession?
See above… but MDH would probably tell you my weirdest obsession is The Sims. Speaking of which, The Sims 3 releases next month. I'm giddy.

What are you wearing today?
An old, faded Mickey Mouse t-shirt, black stretchy pants and my most comfy slippers. It’s a stay home from work with back pain outfit.

What's for dinner today?
I don’t even care. I’m home alone, MDH is conveniently out of town and my back hurts again, so I’ll just take whatever looks good that’s in reach, cram it into my mouth and start chewing. The cat had better stay clear away.

Why is today special?
I am able to stand up straight without grimacing for the first time since Friday and I found a new doctor.

What would you like to learn to do?
Play bluegrass fiddle.

What languages can you speak?
English and I know enough French to avoid ordering organs and innards in restaurants. I don’t care how artful and lovingly kidneys or intestines are prepared, I don’t want to put them in my mouth.

What are you listening to right now?
The fan on my computer humming and birdies chirping outside the window.

What is your favorite weather?
When there is a bit of coolness in the air, like early mornings in the summer. Jacket weather. Today.

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Trying to maintain my self-esteem and a positive attitude after not getting the jobs I wanted (and deserved).

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
Well, I tagged myself didn't I? So I’ll say adorable and back pain-tastic.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would you like it be?
Fourth Street, Victorian Village in Columbus Ohio. I like to dream big. It’s only a few blocks over from where we used to live. I always liked the houses on that street, a wee bit fancier than ours. The location is perfect. Off street parking, walking distance to the Short North, close to the park, close to the highway, close to all my good friends that I love and miss so much. (That picture is from the front porch of our old house in Vic Village).

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.

What would you like to get rid of?
I’ve already bitched out it on this blog several times – our hot tub. It’s an unsightly disgrace and a blight on our back yard.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
You know, I’m pretty happy right here at home in my office. Here I go, dreaming big again. I’ve got the blinds thrown all the way open and I can see our beautiful back yard (the hot tub is out of view from here). Turtle is lounging in the open window (and yes, I opened it myself - the office window is easy), looking so regal, and I can hear birdies chirping. What else could I ask for?

Which language do you want to learn?
Portuguese. I love that “shush, shush” sound that they have at the end of so many of their words. It’s soft and sexy.

What do you look for in a friend?
I know it when I see it. Mainly though, I look for a certain kind of knowing appreciation for the ridiculous. I have to be able to laugh with my friends.

Who do you want to meet in person?
I would love to go to a mixer featuring all of the people who write the blogs on my blog roll. And Laird Hamilton.

What's your favorite type of music?
I like almost all types of music as long as it is genuine and required a modicum of talent to create. My current “most recently played” list on my iPod features Charles Mingus, Diana Krall, New Order and Joy Division pretty heavily.

What's the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?
My new jeans. I just got them back from the tailor (of course) and they are perfect in every way.

What is your dream job?
In real life I’d like to be a Project Manager or Training Manager.

In fantasy land I’d be a Therapist or an Advice Columnist.

Any favorite models?
Fuck no. I think it’s idiotic and totally insane that people are famous and worshipped to the degree that they are just for being nice to look at. Do something else.

If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
A new spine.

Favorite designer?
Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion pet peeve?
The list is long (and so is this meme! hello? are you still reading this?), but here are some top contenders:

1. Fake tans by themselves are bad enough, but I especially hate them when combined with fashion pet peeve #2.

2. People who have freakishly overly whitened teeth. You look like a clown. A scary clown.

3. Muffin top. Nobody wants to see your gut hanging out.

4. That messy, uncombed hairstyle on regular men. I'm speaking to you co-worker. You are not handsome enough to pass this off. Unless you are David Beckham (and you are not) then messy, uncombed hair, no matter how much product you use, makes you look like you just escaped from the loony hatch.

5. I firmly believe that the faux-hawk is the mullet of the new millenium. It's over guys. Stop it.

Do you admire anyone's style?
My blogger friend WendyB. She posts lots of pictures of herself (she won the coveted Drysdale Award last year in the category of "Blog with the Most Pictures of the Blogger") at glamorous parties and locales. Somehow she always looks completely different, but always, always looks beautiful and the epitome of stylish.

Describe your personal style:
Tailored. I’m significantly overweight (it’s the truth, I’m just being honest, not self depreciating), so I like to make sure that my clothes fit properly and that (in public at least) I look put together at all times. I take a lot of my clothes to be tailored to make sure I get the best fit possible. My worst fear (fashion-wise I mean, my actual worst fear is a tie between being trampled to death in a large crowd of people and having all of my teeth fall out) would be that someone would describe me as looking “sloppy”.


Dale said...

I can't believe I read the whole thing! Are you going to spend the whole 100 bucks on your spine? I don't know how far that'll get you. Let's go take bluegrass fiddle lessons instead!

Claire said...

I'm not surprised that you share my affection for Dickens. I have read David Copperfield at least 20 times, and will read it at least 20 more. I hope your back is better soon.

SkylersDad said...

I share your back pain my friend, and I have always wanted to play bluegrass banjo.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Dale - Spines are cheap. My brother in law knows a guy who can get me one that "fell off a truck".

Meanwhile I based on Skydad's comment below - I see a blog band forming.

CDP - I hope you have been watching the teleplays on PBS - they are fantastic. My favorite Dickens is Great Expectations. I love the image of Miss Havesham.

Skydad - maybe we can find some other bloggers to blow on a jug or strap on a washboard. I'll let Dale take the fiddle if you guys will let me sing (I'm really good - I promise).

Churlita said...

I'm with you on your love for Great Expecations. I've often described my childhood as Dickesnian. Unfortunately, I was never saved by some wealthy proprietor. Although, I keep hoping...

Fake tans and overly white teeth scare the crap out of me.

WendyB said...

I was going to say I heart you for mentioning the white teeth thing, but then I saw you mentioned me and now I heart you even more. Marry me. I insist.

Anonymous said...

Cool meme babes! You have made me interested in seeking out the Dickens set too. I must admit, I've never been into his work very much...but I love having my mind changed.

And I hope your back gets better soon... loved all your answers and I agree with you about the fake tan..I HATE orange skin. Don't they know how silly they look?

Lisamaree said...

Best thing about the recession is the white teeth thing might be over, finally. Not sure if oompa loompa-ing will stay, sure Rimmel et al is pretty cheap.


(via Wendy B)

ps. I blog standing up with my mac on a Bureau. I read too much about squashed discs and back problems!

Quiet one said...

"the faux-hawk is the mullet of the new millenium." THANK YOU!

Hope you feel better soon!

Renaissance Woman said...

I love this Meme! And I have actually learned so much more about you my friend! Love it! First, sorry your back is hurting. And screw those stupid bastards who didn't hire you! You are too good for them! And tomorrow I'm going to write a story about the tanning...thanks for inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your back, that's a huge bummer. I don't suffer from back pain but I know if I did I'd be the biggest baby ever to grace this Earth. I don't DO pain. Just like I don't do cold, dancing or women.

Excellent meme, ma'am. And yes, Miss Wendy B. is excellently alluring.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Churlita - GE was the first Dickens I ever read so it's special.
They make the tooth bleach available to the public - it's going to get abused. If they ever make botox available over the counter - people will inject it till their faces explode.

WendyB - I heart you too you glamourpuss. Show me the ring, I bet it'll be a good one.

Sparsly - the newer ones are probably not available on DVD yet, but David Copperfield maybe. It's from 2001 and might even be at your local library. Also the version of Nicolas Nickolby (I know I spelled that wrong) from a couple of years ago is really good and on DVD.

Hammie - Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Chair height is a big issue for me these days and a huge part of why I haven't been going to work - my chair was killing me.

Michelle - thanks - I feel much better today and even lasted a full day at the office AND went to the supermarket after. I hate the faux hawk and that stupid messy look.

RenWoman - do the meme! do the meme! Frankly I'm not a big fan of real tans either. I'm not sure I understand what makes a tan attractive.

Veg - do the meme! do the meme!

I wouldn't wish back pain on my worst enemy (not that I have one). It feels like you are paralyzed and then when you have a back spasm it's like being electrocuted, you lose control and it's horrible.

Gwen said...

I wanna be in your blog band! I volunteer to blow on a jug AND strap on a washboard, mostly because I don't know how to play any other instruments (other than the skin flute) and it sounds dirty (like playing the skin flute.) Can we practice on your former porch? Because that looks like a place where I could lose hours and hours just sitting.

rak said...

dude, I need to come here more crack me up! husband wants a hot tub SO bad. you're a "gander" right?? let me know if you are ever selling it...that is, if it's worth buying :)

rak said...

oh! And just today I said to a friend, "I want whiter teeth cause society tells me they should be super white".