Sunday, April 13, 2008


I had the girls over this morning for brunch and it was marvelous. I love to feed the people I love. It's exhilarating for me in probably the same way that I imagine bungee jumping is for (insane idiots who don't value life) other people.

I made a beautiful spinach and ham (what else - I have a metric ton of it left over from last week) quiche, fresh pineapple and strawberries, bagels with cream cheese, lox, capers and the works. Oh and blueberry muffins I made yesterday. Yum! I had some prosecco chilling but nobody wanted a cocktail this morning. Ah well - more for me.

After brunch we all went out to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and that too was marvelous and I demand you all go see it this instant!

Ahem. Excuse me.

Sorry. I'm not normally so bossy, but I've had about eleven cups of coffee and the movie is really very good. Even MDH loved it.

Oh, I nearly forgot... the title of the post is the title of my new iPod playlist that I made especially for the brunch feast. It's also the name of the imaginary restaurant that my lovely friend Steph and I sometimes fantasize about running together. We'll serve only the things we feel like cooking so the fantasy restaurant patrons will just get what they get and they'll like it or get the hell out.

The best part is that our imaginary restaurant is only open for lunch so we can get the hell out and not feel like we're chained to the imaginary kitchen all day. Then we can go imaginary shoe shopping I suppose.

Anyhoo... all the songs in this playlist having something to do with food. I'm feeling generous (and all hopped up on caffeine and sugar) so I'm going to upload a few of the song selections to my blog for you to listen to (and download) as you like.


Oh and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! Not quite my oldest friend, but certainly one of my dearest.

Allrighty... it seems that FileNanny, the site that I normally upload my shared music to is down with no explanation whatsoever ... thanks for that FileNanny. There won't be any clickability here after all. Perhaps another time. Meanwhile here are the artists and titles in my playlist and it is up to you to figure out what they sound like if you are so inclined:

Fruit Boots by Red Prysock

Banana Puddin' by Southern Culture on the Skids

Caviar & Chitlin's by Atomic Fireballs

Quiche Lorraine by The B52's

I'm Puttin All My Eggs In One Basket by Whit Smith

Chocolate Cake by Crowded House

What's Cookin' by Deke Dickerson

Ice Water by Ray Condo

Coffee & TV by Blur

Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing


Chris said...

What? You forgot "Eat Steak" by The Reverend Horton Heat?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Hi Chris - That would have been excellent! I have that CD, but havn't put it on my iPod yet.

Dick Small said...

I would have had a cocktail. Or 2.
In a mug.

Dale said...

I love cocktails, all the food groups are represented. I saw the ad for the Pettigrew movie and it looked funny. Anything with Frances McDormand gets my vote. Did you know she's hitting Broadway with Morgan Freeman and Peter Gallagher in 'The Country Girl'?

Renaissance Woman said...

Sounds like a great time. I'll wait for my invitation for the next brunch.

evil-e said...

Fried Chicken and Coffee by Nashville Pussy.

Brain Eaters by the Misfits??!!

Nice list, very interesting compilation. Makes me kind of hungry..that and the menu for the brunch.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Dick - you can have your cocktail in whatever container you like. I have a collection of alcohol and barware for all occasions and tastes.

Dale - I'm a fan of prosecco with a little pomegranite juice in it for a brunch get together, but nobody was biting today. Ms. McDormand is one of my favorite actresses - she was the main draw of the film for me and was wonderful of course. The movie also has great music, costumes and sets. And lots of cocktails. It also has Shirley Henderson who is another of my favorite actors.

If the play is in Toronto my husband and I are so there.

R-woman - there's always room for one more but we would have to keep the fact that you are a blogger friend a secret from MDH who is suspicious of all things internet related. Apparently he has forgotten that we met online.

Evil - I only went with stuff that was already in my library - but I will check out those songs and see what you're talking about.

Family Adventure said...

Brunch is my favourite meal! But I wouldn't have turned down the bubbly...

Heidi :)

Anonymous said...

That movie looks gorgeous - I'll be seeing it for sure (whenever we get it in AUS!) I really enjoy Amy Adam's and Frances did a BA at the same Perth uni that I went to! My small name dropping effort.

Hey it's funny to me that you have 'Chocolate Cake' by Crowded House on your playlist, gosh that brings back memories for me when that CD first came out, I lived up in the tropics of Northern Australia and we listened to them ALL the time.

Your brunch party sounded so nice...I haven't done one of them for so long, I miss baking.

Tara said...

Well this song doesn't have food in the title, but how bout "That's Amore"? The first line to the chorus is "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore."

That breakfast sounded absolutely delicious.

CDP said...

There is actually a restaurant called "Eat and Get the Hell Out" in Nags Head, North Carolina.

i am playing outside said...

you forgot Milkshake by Kelis. its one of those classy brunching songs, no?

Churlita said...

I love your imaginary restaurant. Too bad it isn't real.

pistols at dawn said...

I like the idea of this restaurant. In fact, I like the idea of all restaurants, because I'm too lazy to cook.

Anonymous said...

Steph here--was just talking to another friend and fellow teacher about a new imaginary restaurant--another lunch place called TOSA (it is the abbreviation in CPS for "Teachers on Special Assignment.") I guess now that I am cooking for two imaginary restuarants, I am going to be quite busy! Sounds like the KITH sketch about the two men fighting over the fact that the best friend has fallen in love with his friend's imaginary girlfriend "Damn you and your powers of description!"

Dan had a lovely b-day by the way--I made him a REAL Nanner Cream pie--from freakin scratch--no instant pudding! All thoughts of "Birthday Naked Pie Eating" were shot to hell b/c it was too good to waste!

I miss you and brunches :-(