Friday, September 28, 2007


At 1:36pm EST someone called to phone screen me for a job. It's the really cool job that I wanted so badly and happen to be perfect for. I applied for it several weeks ago and wrote an angry post about it the day they sent me the rejection email. In the post I mocked my own cover letter. Literally, because that post is my actual real cover letter to that actual real company about the actual real job that I am perfectly suited for (super-powers aside). No, seriously everything in that job description completely matched my qualifications and I didn't even have to dick around with my resume before I sent it. That never happens.

Now I am scared that I may have created some bad ju-ju with the post and am considering deleting it. Is that kosher or are there blogger rules regarding integrity that would create worse ju-ju by deleting?

Either way they sent me a rejection email so I was not expecting to hear from them:

Thank you for your interest in our company and your recent submission to our Perfect Position. We have reviewed your resume and have decided to continue our search for candidates whose skills and experience more closely match the position. We encourage you to review other open positions at our career site and wish you the best of success in your career search.
Thank you.

I mean that sounds like a kiss off to me, a polite kiss off, but nonetheless...

So imagine my surprise when I saw that company name of my caller ID this afternoon at 1:36pm EST. And god dammit if MDH didn't work from fucking home again today so that I could not get into the office to the fucking computer to view my in case of emergency phone screen interview cool answer cheat sheet at the ready. I should've printed the stupid thing. I at least would have liked to pull up the job description to have handy. Yes, I copy and paste job descriptions into Word docs in case I forgot what I've applied for, don't you?

Somehow I muddled through without coming off like too much of a twat. I hope. I didn't say twat or fuck to the HR screening lady so that's probably good.

I did however cry a little and squeal a lot when the phone screen was over and then was shushed by MDH because he was on a fucking call and was upset about the noise I was making. He was only an asshole for a few seconds before he realized why I as so nutty and apparently remembered that he was on the phone with his brother and not Bill Gates or the Pope or anything.

After that I was so excited that I called my mom. I was feeling that powerful.


Michelle said...

"After that I was so excited that I called my mom. I was feeling that powerful."

LMAO! Are you sure my mom and your mom aren't related or something? They sound identical.

Churlita said...

Good luck with that. It's weird that they sent you that first email.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Michelle - My mother is a lovely person and many people adore her, including me. She's annoying in a way that is apparently perceptible to only me.

Churlita - Thanks! I was quite upset with the rejection. Roller coasters all around.