Monday, March 3, 2008

Fences Good

Several weeks ago as I was driving home, and for no particular reason at all, other than the fact that I hadn't done so in awhile, I turned on the street before ours and drove around the block before pulling into my driveway.

I took the long way 'round so to speak, and discovered that the neighbors who live behind us, the ones that I'm always bitching about being able to see me in my underpants all winter have put their house up for sale.

I bitch about them because between November and May when the foliage falls away we have no privacy from these people, nor they from us.

In the spring and summer, I practically forget that they exist and it's marvelous. We have very large bushy green shrubs that go all the way across our back fence, with Honeysuckle, Forsythia and my favorite, Lilacs. It's private and it smells great too.

Anyhoo... these neighbors are terrific because we have never met them. It's almost like an unspoken pact we have made with them. I see and hear you and I know that you see and hear me, but let's pretend like we don't. It's a system that really works for us and they have been excellent neighbors because we are the best of strangers.

The idea that they may be moving is a little scary for me. I have enjoyed not knowing them.

Worst Possible Outcome:
The new owners are super friendly and won't give me a moments peace when I'm in my own backyard. OR They own a dog that barks all the time.

Best Possible Outcome:
The new owners build a 6 foot privacy fence.


Renaissance Woman said...

I'll hope for the fence!

Tara said...

Here's hoping your new neighbors will be like your soon-to-be old neighbors. We've had neighbors with yappy dogs, and dogs with yappy neighbors, and those options are not nice.

Churlita said...

I will hope for you that your neighbors are total misanthropic shut-ins.

evil-e said...

I actually have a "welcome" mat that resembles the second one..."Go away" works for me.

When I used to live in the apartment in the uppity suburb, I used to cringe whenever established good neighbors would move. It was always a crap shoot (sometimes literally) not knowing what sort of freaks were moving in around me.

Del-V said...

What if they build the fence because they have a bunch of barking dogs. They you are screwed my friend.

CDP said...

We have some good neighbors, but the ones whose house backs up to ours are insanely chatty. I too will hope for misanthropic shut-ins for you.

another good thing said...

Haha. I am in the same boat- the wacko you know is so much better than the wacko you still have to meet. Wish me luck, I just saw a moving van from Tennessee pull into the new back door neighbor's driveway.

pistols at dawn said...

Worst possible outcome: they don't own a TV and just watch you all night.

With night vision goggles.

Or a night vision scope.

And breathe heavily.

Ms. Laaw-yuhr said...

I soooo hear you. Since my parents live in the country they have a fence that can be electrified (the house was built at a time when the area was mostly rural and without the fence we would wake up to find somebody's cows on our front lawn). Some douchebags moved in next door and started to take off the wires from our fence planning to attach their fence to ours - except for the small matter that the fence sits 6 inches inside our property line. I have never seen my father more livid.

Long story long, shitty neighbors suck. Be sure to establish yourself as the hostile alpha neighbors so they don't mess with you.

Linka72 said...

We have new neighbors..they suck and it sounds like they are bowling..AT ALL HOURS of the day and night.
I'm going to kill them.
I too have a mat that says go away..but people never seem to obey it.