Sunday, March 15, 2009

The News Roundup

Pardon me won't you while I cram about 15 days worth of blog posts into one. I'm all economical and shit like that these days.

1. I don't want to intrude on Some Guy's blog topic turf because, of all of the people in my particular section of blogland, he is the resident expert on documentary films, but I'm piping in with my 2 cents because in the past 10 days or so I've seen 2 terrific documentaries. I haven't noticed that he has mentioned them, so I feel compelled to step up. I figure since he didn't mention them that perhaps he hasn't seen them and they are both worth watching.

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten (2006) - An intensive biography of Joe Strummer, narrated by Joe Strummer himself via old interviews and recordings from his radio show. Even if you are a only a marginal fan of Joe Strummer and/or The Clash it's a must see.

I Like Killing Flies (2004) - An unfortunately titled little film about a tiny hole-in-the-wall Greenwich Village diner called Shopsins. The diner, it's quirky owner and his family are a neighborhood institution. The title really turned me off and I almost didn't watch it (except I have that weird obsession with all things New York, so I decided to give it a shot), but I'm glad I did because the film is delightful. I loved this film, but I will never set foot in that restaurant man, no way. Kenny Shopsin can be one scary motherfucker. I'm from Ohio and far too delicate for that big city bullshit.

Both films are available on Netflix.

2. My contract has been extended until the end of July, after which time it can be extended no further and I shall be let go due to a corporate policy limiting contracts to a year and a half.

If I don't find permanent work soon come July I will be cast out like a bad penny. Wait, that sounds wrong. I've got some phrases mixed up. Cast out like a bad apple? No. I'm definitely a good apple, but I'll be cast out like... um...oh whatever - it sucks donkey dongs because I really like my job. So put that in your hat and smoke it.

3. I have applied for another position that has recently opened in my department. I know more about the competition this time so although I'm going to pull out all the stops I'm not going to get my hopes up quite so much as I did last time. It is very early in the process and I don't know yet if I will even be asked to interview, but I have begun campaigning. Hard. I need a new suit and all the trimmings (yeah shoes!).

4. I have informed the co-worker friend who bugged me every day and drove me so crazy when I applied for the other position a few months ago that I referred to her on this blog as a "nosy twat", that if she so much as lifts an eyebrow in my direction that seems remotely as though she wants to ask me if I've heard anything about the job that I will punch her right in the throat and never speak to her again.

OK. Not really.

Punching her in the throat is Plan B, but I did inform her of the new situation (figuring she'd hear about it from someone else and turns out she already knew that I applied. How? How?), reminded her of how much she upset me previously, told her that I did not wish to discuss it with her ever and asked her (nicely) not to attempt to bring up the subject with me. Ever.

5. MDH is in Indianapolis for the weekend for the college basketball thingy. I'm naturally beside myself with glee to have the house to myself for a few days. Here's a quick rundown of how I've spent my weekend so far.

Friday Night - total TV fest. I watched all the vagina shows that MDH hates so very much including a new series called Running In Heels, and a French subtitled movie called Toi et Moi (2006) about two sisters living in Paris and the all trials and tribulations of their vaginas. I had cold cereal for dinner. It was fabulous.

Saturday - Awoke at the crack of dawn, showered and tarted myself up for a successful day of serious suit shopping. The last mall of the day has a little take out Thai place that cooks the food from scratch while you wait. There are no heat lamps or sweating metal trays filled with simmering goop. No. They cook that shit right in front of you on a big Vulcan stove top with real pots and pans and utensils and everything.

I ordered a Green Chicken Curry and it was fantastique! Mwah! (Imagine I have just gathered all of the fingers on my right hand together into a point, brought them to my lips and blew a big kiss, a la cartoon chef.)

In the evening I talked to my best friend Amy on the phone for a very long time and afterwards blissfully played the Sims 2 without interruption until the wee hours of the morning. It was the kind of day that my dreams are made of.

Sunday - It's still happening so I really can't say for certain, but I envision something similiar to Friday except interspersed with laundry, bathroom cleaning activities and a Lindt chocolate bunny. Good times.


Some Guy said...

I just saw "I Like Killing Flies" again recently. I agree. It is really, really good.

WendyB said...

I need to see that diner flick, even if there aren't any vaginal trials and tribulations in it.

Pyzahn said...

Yeah, but did you find a suit? And shoes?

Sorry if I missed it. My eyes went right to the food parts.

Anonymous said...

OMG. A SOLID CHOCOLATE BUNNY. Now I want it. I want it BAD.

Documentaries I've enjoyed lately, "Man on Wire" and "King of Kong". I would recommend those. The second is about a guy who's the Donkey Kong champion of the world and thinks he's a sort of God because of this. And about another guy who's a no one on the game circuit but wants to take his title.

I don't even like games that much but the doc was pretty fun.

Man On Wire is about that French guy, who, in the 70s, tightrope walked from one tower to the other at the top of the World Trade Center. It's about how he did it and planned it.

I realize I just rambled there and I'm not on drugs/alcohol/chocolate currently. Go figure.

SkylersDad said...

I'm sorry, did you say anything after Vagina? My mind wanders...

Glad to see you out here again!

Renaissance Woman said...

I love that you were able type "vagaina" numerous times in this post! I also watched a couple of great doumentaries this weekend. Watch for reivews... Glad that your weekend has been so wonderful! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the job.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Some Guy - I KNEW you had to have seen it. I loved Kenny Shopsin's snippets of philosophy and all the food on the menu looked really good.

WendyB - A person can overload on vagina TV fairly easily.

Pyzahn - Yes, count 'em TWO suits! One black and one that seems to morph between gray and brown. I hesitate to call it taupe - but only because I hate the word taupe. I found a kicky little pair of black pointy toed flats with darling little ruffles on top.

Veg - Dude (I know you're not a dude, it's just fun to say Dude) no problem-o. Ramble on as needed. I'm sure I will do it in your comments soon engough if I haven't already. This afternoon was chocolate bunny devastation. Ears first of course.

Skydad - It's too bad you weren't paying attention. There will be a quiz later.

RenWoman - you are the sweetest person always sending me such good energy. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I love your weekend!! and I hope you do find a new job, with your new suit. :)

i am playing outside said...

1. good luck with the job.

2. i love the idea of places being maybe open. they so dont even NEED your business.

3. your weekend sounds lovely!

Churlita said...

I haven't seen either. I'm putting them on my list. I like a good documentary and I love Joe Strummer.

Gwen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck with the job. I promise not to ask any questions. ;)

Linka72 said...

*sigh*..I lOVE being alone hubby swears that I eat better food when he's out of town..maybe he's right.

I, myself, have been stuck on a site called IMVU all weekend and I'm ashamed to tell anybody exactly WHAT I've been doing on there...

Lady Jane said...

My "boy" has been working from home for a couple of years and he has returned back to the corporate world - working very long days. YAY!! Love love my alone time where I get to veg out and watch mindless girly shows:))

Dale said...

I'm a huge advocate of punching people in the throat. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm also an advocate of multiple uses of the word vagina in the same post. You go vagina!