Friday, March 13, 2009

and then I'm 'appy for the rest of the day...

My iPod is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

How could anybody on earth possibly have a bad day when your morning drive to the office includes the following 3 songs?

Parklife - Blur

Sexy Motherfucker - Prince

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

In exact order.

Hey, I just noticed as I'm typing this that all 3 artists have a one word, one syllable moniker. What's the significance? Ordinarily I would have said "uh, none", with disdain while I rolled my eyes, except that the fourth song, the one that I didn't even include in the list because technically I didn't get to listen to the whole thing, only like the first couple of seconds, was by Ween.

Chew on that until tomorrow when I will post some numbered points to get you caught up with what is going on in Ladyland lately. Get ready for lies and exaggerations.


Pyzahn said...

I've become a harpy lately on my new musical love...Vampire Weekend. It makes me feel so young to even say their name! (Considering my musical tastes began years ago with Johnny Mathis.)

I think you can hear some of their tunes on their website. Fresh. Innovative. Lyrics you can sing along to. Great strings.

Del-V said...

I was rocking the Sexy on my iPod too. Prince is one smooth dude.

Miles McClagan said...

Ah Blur, whatever happened to them...I put The Universal on now you've reminded me of them!

Gwen said...

When I find myself stopped in traffic next to a car with "JESUS" bumperstickers I like to sing along to Sexy Motherfucker really loud. Either that or Nine Inch Nails' Closer, the chorus of which is "I want to fuck you like an animal." I keep both in my Ipod just in case.