Monday, February 18, 2008

The "No Idea" Mix

Sometimes crap just magically shows up on my iPod. I don't know where the hell these songs came from or what would have possessed me to download them.

I don't drink or use drugs much stronger than Midol on a regular basis.

I'm thinking perhaps that MDH was screwing around, clicked on something and downloaded them maybe? I really don't know.
I call them crap because mostly they are (to me anyway) and it's kind of shocking to be contentedly listening to my music and suddendly an accordian solo comes on.

OK. There's never been an accordian solo, but it's still upsetting.

It's weird and I know immediately that it is not my music.

Normally when my ears have been violated in this way I delete the song eventually, but every once in awhile some strange song comes up and I really like it. I check my iTunes library and it's not from a compilation or movie soundtrack. It's a stand alone mystery song. I just chalk it up to voodoo, wonder if I paid for it and it stays in the mix.

Here's a sampling of the keepers:

The Last of the Golden Palominos by Goodbye Blue Monday - or maybe it's Goodbye Blue Monday by The Last of the Golden Palominos. It's confusing because The Golden Palominos is a band that I like, but this isn't them.

Just a Body by The King of France - I remember this song from a movie soundtrack, but do not remember downloading it. I think it might be an MDH special.

Chinese Boots of Spanish Leather by Anton Barbeau

Miss Allysa by Eagles of Death Metal

The picture at the top is another mystery. I found it in a box of old family photos my mother gave me. I have no idea who the fuck that is. It's too old to be me and I think I would remember wearing a grass skirt and dancing the hula. I think it might be one of my cousins, I'm just not sure.


Suze said...

That's like me with Netflix. Some movies come in and I have absolutely no idea why I would have put them on hold.

Churlita said...

I have the same iPod problem, but it's usually my girls' music.

I do love that photo though.

i am playing outside said...

slightly different, but i HATE when other people try to make me listen to songs. i KNOW that i wont like them, and 100% of the time i am right. i listen to what i like because that is what i like. that is why i don't listen to what some other yokel listens to, because i don't WANT to. so screw you all with your "can i just send you this one song"s

evil-e said...

Nobody better mess with my iPod. I cannot stand when some bad song rides in with the good stuff. That quite possibly is how you got them...I have noticed that on occasion songs have crappy songs attached to them somehow.

Step Right Up said...

I just love the title Chinese Boots of Spanish Leather.

Tara said...

A weird burglar broke into your place, passed up your valuables and decided to mess with your IPod music. Your cat might be a witness, so ask him about it. :)

Haven't had that happen to me yet, but I have heard a song on my MP3 player and wonder what I was thinking when I saved that song.

The Guv'ner said...

I'm just about to install a new battery in my old assed iPod. I originally was going to send it in and have someone do it, but then I realized I didn't want anyone seeing some of the LAME I have on there. So there are two Tony Orlando songs, big fuckin' deal. I had a good reason for those. And that "Chirpy Cheap Cheep" thing? It was for a PARTY mix. OK? And I LIKE ABBA. Sniff.

I have no idea where that Little Jimmy Osmond song came from. Really.

SkylersDad said...

You would have remembered that photo if you hadn't been so hopped up on Nyquil...

pistols at dawn said...

The good thing about having someone else use your iPod is that you've got someone to blame for any lame songs that pop up.

The downside is all the mysteries, like "How come some Shins song I've never listened to once is the most often-played song on my iPod? Last played in 2005? What the hell?"

minijonb said...

Eagles of Death Metal, eh? i've wondered what that shit sounds like...

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Suze - once every couple of months I look at the movie previews at and save the movies to netflix for when they come to DVD - then I forget all about them and am mystified when titles like The Last Mimszy show up in my mailbox. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that.

Churlita - Mom says it's my cousin K who is about 15 years older than me wearing the hula outfit my one of my uncles brought back for her after he was stationed at Pearl Harbor in the service. Cute isn't she?

Player - I try really hard not to force my music on other people and hope like karmic hell that they don't do it unto me. I'm especially unfond of modern country music.

Evil - that makes some sense there sir. The worst I think was this song by a band called "Gandalf" and it was like a freakin' mystical blicky renaissance fair threw up in my iPod. My LOTR fan husband would be just curious enough to click on a band name like that.

SRU - it's a great song too!

Tara - burglers wouldn't stand a chance in this house - we have an alarm system, and I leave my shoes in front of the door so they are likely to sprain an ankle.

Guv - when the battery gets replaced your iPod gets wiped out and you have to restore it anyway. I tried to replace the battery on my own and it was a nightmare. I finally just paid the cash and they sent me a brand new one (it looks new anyway).
You have nothing to be ashamed of you're the GUV'NER for chrissakes.
I'm sure you have somehow made Tony Orlando all the rage.

Skydad - My father was barely out of puberty when that photo was taken - besides Target brand Tussen is my drug of choice. I don't even dirty a spoon - drink it right from the bottle.

Pistols - I blame MDH for everything and it's wonderful.
I think the most played thing only occurs when you listen to the whole song. This is less likely to happen when I'm holding the ipod - I click at the end of the song before its completely done and it doesn't make the most played list.

minijon - click on the link and you can find out what it's all about.

The Idea Of Progress said...

When mystery songs appear in your iPod, that means they've changed the Matrix.

Del-V said...

I found a bunch of weird songs on my iPod too. Mostly Creed. Is this a sign from God?