Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thtop It

Late last week I was having a nosh on some yummy crackers and extra sharp cheddar when I noticed that a couple of my bottom back teeth felt funny. My bite felt wrong. Thinking that I must have gotten some cracker bits all jammed up in there I went to bathroom, grabbed some floss and began to go to town. It only took a second to loosen whatever was stuck but when I popped out the floss something flew out of my mouth and landed with a tiny hard marble-ly sound into the sink.

Normally the crap stuck between my teeth doesn't do that.

Flossing is typically a pretty quiet activity for me.

My first thought was wow that was some tough cracker bit, then soon realized, as I'm sure you have gathered by now because you are probably way smarter than me and have noticed the graphic that the top of my post, that it was a big giant chunk of my tooth. Great. My tooth broke.

I finally was able to get it fixed today. Meanwhile it was no big deal. If anything it was a bit annoying because I was constantly poking and digging at the broken spot with my tongue which made for some pretty attractive facial expressions I'm sure, but that's just proof of my lack of self control. I wasn't in any pain.

Anyhoo... interesting thing I found out about myself today - my dentist has my chart marked that I'm a squirming cryface. It's true, I am. They even numb me when I get my teeth cleaned because I'm such a baby girl, but today because the work was a little more extensive than a cleaning, he had to replace a filling and build up the tooth and then file everything back down again, he numbed me way more than normal. Way more. Like my appointment was at 8am this morning, it's now almost 2:30pm and I am still numb.

Like unable to eat without fear of unknowingly biting my own lips off numb. So numb that I called the dentists office a couple of hours ago to make sure this was normal numb. The receptionist looked at my chart and was like Oh yeah, you might be numb for awhile still, like dinner time. Then she told me that I already had my chart marked to get extra numb and for this procedure he gave me a couple of extra squirts.

It's pretty irritating at this point and I've limited myself to very small bites of soft, soft food until I can be reassured that the food I'm swallowing doesn't include any parts of my own face. Fortunately for me the only truly soft, soft food we had in the house (ignoring oatmeal, of course, bleh) was a little tray of Tiramisu.

Oh yeth - I nearly forgot. A fun thide effect of the extreme numbneth and having no control of my own tongue ith that I'm currently unable to thay my Th'th, which I dithcovered during a brief phone converthation with my friend Thephanie thith morning. Here ith a picture:


SkylersDad said...

Was the "squirming cryface" written on your chart, or do they have a special stamp they use in big red bold letters?

Gwen said...

Tho thorry about your thooth. Hope you feel bether thoon.

CDP said...

I like your haircolor in the picture.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Skydad - I'm not sure what code they use, but the receptionist was able to look at it immediately and see that I need extra juice. It IS however marked in giant, all caps red marker across the front that I have a latex allergy. You can see that from miles away, thank god.

Hi Gwennie - thanks babes - I felt fine so no worries, but being numb for that long was a bit inconvenient and kept me from snacking as much as I normally would (probably a good thing).

CDP - Thanks for noticing!! I got it done last week. It cost a small fortune but I love it and it made my gray all gone.

WendyB said...

I need to be numbed for regular cleanings too!

Churlita said...

At least you didn't need a crown. I had one a couple of years ago, and I wanted nitrous and novacaine and black tar heroin to numb me up enough.

Tara said...

I hope that the numbneth wearth off thoon.

I had to laugh at the attractive facial expressions from working at your tooth with your tongue. I used to do that when I still had baby teeth that were loose. I'd be laughing or smiling at something, and then my mom would notice me go all serious as I worked at my loose tooth.

kirby said...

At least your dentist put in on your chart, my husband's dentist just tattooed it onto his forehead.