Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ridin' the Flavor Train to Tastytown

My favorite winter sport is eating. Not in a competitive way, just generally. Now that the holidays are over I've put the brakes on the crazy rich foods (the cookies, oh god, the cookies) and have been making more sensible yums (the banana waffles I made for brunch yesterday don't exactly count as sensible - but hey, I used whole grain flour and there were bananas involved so shut up - I should have snapped a photo of them because they were gorgeous.). This weekend I've been particularly productive in the kitchen and thought I would share with you some photos of the tasty treats I've concocted:

The hummus (MDH and I dipped into it a smidge before I snapped the photo):

The cucumber chips:

What remains of my whole grain pasta with spicy Thai peanut sauce with onions and sweet red peppers (chopped raw scallions on top for garnish and a little kick). I wish there were more left over cause it's one of those dishes I like better cold:

A little something I like to call "Grape Salad", but is really just green and red (or black) seedless grapes removed from the vine and stem and rinsed like mad. If you get the right mix of grapes they should be sweet and tart. They look so pretty don't they? Another one of my alternative snacking ideas as they are good to reach for instead of popcorn or chips:

What the hell else am I going to write about on a lazy Sunday, eh? I'm having so much fun sharing the food pictures, I'm going to throw in some other photos I've taken recently:

Look! My amaryllis finally bloomed. It's freaking huge too, like more than 3 feet tall. Now that it's actually flowered it's no longer creepy. In the background of this photo you can see the shopping bags filled with Christmas tree ornaments because I was in the process of taking down our tree:

Traditionally I shop for Christmas decorations the week after Christmas when everything is 75% off. It's pretty dumb to pay full price for this crap. I leave the new ornaments wrapped up and forget all about them until the next year and then it's like having a bunch of little surprises when I'm decorating the tree. Next year I'm sure I'll be delighted when I unwrap this goofy toadstool ornament. (That's my friend Jogger's wedding invitation on the table in the background - February 2nd is the big day!):

Below is what might be one of the worst Christmas presents I've ever gotten. It's safety orange nylon. NY-LON. It's even more revolting in person. No gift receipt either. To make matters worse I felt bad because I knew my mother was unable to go out Christmas shopping this year (she broke her pelvis this past fall and is still recovering) and bought everything on QVC, so I told her it was cute. I am a big fat liar-head.

On a bright note, this is one of my oldest and most favorite and most miraculous Christmas ornaments. It's a hand blown (I assume) glass snowman and it's very delicate. It feels like a feather. The thing that is miraculous about it is - look at it's nose - that it's nose is still intact. All these years (about 8) and I haven't managed to smash it or break the tip of that snowman's nose. See you next year little snowman...

Happy Sunday.


CDP said...

If it doesn't warm up soon, I'm going to gain 25 pounds, because all I want to do right now is eat.

SkylersDad said...

Yum! You make such nice things to eat, I just graze on junk.

Linka72 said... I guess it would be weird to, like, hang out on your front porch sniffing around for food huh?..Yeah..i guess so.
Anyway great pics and the food looks SO yummy!!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

CDP - I've been trying to get on the treadmill regularly but can't seem to make it happen - so I figure the least I can do if I'm going to cram food in my face is make it a little bit healthier.

Skydad - I've already got a weight problem so I try not to even keep junk in the house so that I'm not tempted.

Linka - It's freaking cold out there on the porch, so come on in and have a nosh with us. There's always plenty.

Whiskeymarie said...

Note to self: make hummus.


Tara said...

Banana waffles sound really good! There was fruit involved so I'd say it's a sensible breakfast.

The hummus still looks pretty, even after it was tested. :)

Churlita said...

I'm right there with you on the eating thing...Just add sleeping as my other favorite Winter sport.

Gwen said...

Can you send me your hummus recipe? I bet it's cheaper than buying it and more healthy than the french onion dip I can't stop eating. Thanks!

Renaissance Woman said...

All of that good food is making me hungry. But when I look in my frig nothing looks as yummy. Love the orange bag!

julie said...

gosh i love hummus, i was distracted while reading the rest of the post bc i couldn't stop thinking about it! ha!
love the blog!