Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Does this fat make my fat look fat?

Has it come to this, really? I'm afraid so. One post per month or less is all I'm able to squeeze of my brain these days. Never mind that in addition to feeling bad about never posting on my own blog, I also feel like a huge shithead for not reading your blogs as regularly as I once was able, and I never seem to find the time to comment on any of them either, which, when you think about is all we really want as we sit here typing, isn't it? Comments. That was at one time how I measured my success as a blogger - the number of comments and weekly visitors. Now I think it's pretty damn miraculous when I'm able to remember my password to log on.

Anyhoo... I was thinking today about possible blog post topics and have decided that a good old reliable numbered list is the way to go. I've been really busy lately and will share with you lessons learned during some of my various adventures, in no particular order:

1. I have very little in common with women who describe experiences having to do with their uteruses (uter-i? - is there a plural for uterus? anyone?), childbirth, menopause, or a particularly rough menstrual cycle as their "journey".


Stop it. A four Pamprin cramp day does not qualify as a "journey". Also, I don't care how long you were in labor or how much you sweat in your sleep - stop saying "journey".

2. Speaking of "Journey" - I do not care for 80's Night. A few weeks ago MDH and I went out on a Saturday night with our friend Rachel and her new-ish husband Dave to something here in town referred to as "Mega-Eighties!" Which is the name of the band that plays 80's covers regularly at the giant nightclub we paid $10 per person to enter. The expansive nightclub features rock hard, concrete floors and bathrooms with no stall doors. Already not my cup of tea. (I'm a snob with sore feet who likes to pee out my cocktails behind closed doors, get over it.)

I'll admit there were some amusing things going on, such as grown women wearing "mall bangs", leg warmers and t-shirts with the neck cut out in an exaggerated "bateau" style, a la Jennifer Beales in Flashdance and men sporting mullet wigs and folded bandanna headbands, a la Loverboy. Cute. I get it. The hairstyles and fashion of the 80's were silly.

Before the band came on there was a DJ playing top 40 hits from the 80's and soon MDH and I collectively remembered that we despised this shitty music back then so why the fuck would we want to experience it again now? Frankly, the thick cloud of pot smoke and the acid induced haze I used to live under didn't really dissipate until well into 1993, so I didn't recognize most of the music anyway.

At this point the tone shifted for MDH and me. We went from being mildly confident, middle aged people to the wildly freakish outsiders we had once been. I, a pale and lonely Smiths worshiping, goth chick and he a pogo-ing, crowd surfing, skate punk. Standing still in the background while watching everyone around us having fun and dancing maniacally to Like a Prayer and Uptown Girl reminded us that we never belonged in this scene, and never wanted to.

We stuck around a little longer when the band finally came on, and also out of respect for Rachel and Dave, 'cause we love them, but I drew the line when the band started belting out a Poison medley and we bugged the fuck out immediately for home where we cleansed our ear holes with Siouxie and the Banshees, the Clash and a little Buzzcocks.

80's Night = Big not again

3. I had something seriously cute and funny planned for #3, but can no longer remember what it was as MDH has just called me from San Francisco, where he is in the middle of a corporate team building thingy, to inform me that he has finally been promoted and that we are moving to Texas. Like now. As in he starts work on Monday. What the fuck? Finally we leave the Tundra. We were only supposed to be here for 2 years and we have been here for 6 years. I suppose now I will have to switch seasons and start bitching about how hot the summers are. Hurray!!!! (I think).
4. Restaurant Impossible is exactly like Kitchen Nightmares, but with less screaming and cursing.
5. 3D is overrated.
6. I have finally learned, after all this time, how to use the shuttle service to get around Large Corporation. I used it all winter to whisk me straight to the door of my building like a 15 passenger magic carpet. I cannot express how great it has been to avoid trudging through the snow on my (literally) 10 minute trek through the Tundra from parking space to desk. You call and they come pick you up. It's awesome.
7. I have turned into a lazy, fat piece of fudge since learning how to use the shuttle service at Large Corporation. At first I vowed only to use it on wet, snowy days when the temperature dipped below 30. Or on days when my ankle was bugging me. Now all it takes is a hangnail and a bit of fog and I'm totally riding that motherfucker with all the other old ladies and fatties.
8. Oh shit - we have to sell this house, pack and move.


WendyB said...

*sob* Journey was the first concert I ever went to.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Ah Wendy - you typed a comment in the midst of my emotional breakdown, during which time I hit publish before I meant to. Anyhoo... I once loved Journey too. People are still going nuts for it apparently. Journey I kind of get, but the day I sport mall bangs and dance to Uptown Girl shoot me or change my medication.

Coaster Punchman said...

Wow, Texas? Since I'm not sure where you're from originally, I don't know if you should be excited or frightened. I rather like Dallas, actually - go there for biz from time to time. And people rave about Austin and San Antonio. Enjoy your (uh oh, I was going to say "journey"...)

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I'm having the same problem with keeping up with people's blogs and stuff. Too many things. Not enough hours.

On number 1: YES! YES I HAVE CONCURRENCE on ALL of those. And I particularly love you for the phrase "four Pamprin cramp" because I almost had a twelve Pamprin cramp after laughing so hard I ruptured something down there.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

oh also? The eighties sucked. It just did. Horrendous music, horrendous hair, horrendous fashion. I'm not going back there.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Coaster - it's Dallas - so you'll have meet us out sometime for a drink (or several) - there's no way I'm allowing you to judge my filthy home.

Veg - right - and it wasn't a "journey" now was it.

Veg again - I don't know what we were thinking - we thought because it was with our friends that we'd have fun - but it was too much nostalgia for an era that wasn't that great the first time around.

Mnmom said...

When I read "Loverboy" I started having flashbacks. The smell of Polo, tight jeans, hangovers.

Texas huh?

Anonymous said...

80's Night? Not in a million years, and not even with a rented dick.

BeckEye said...

"I do not care for 80's Night."
This statement does not compute.

Churlita said...

WooHoo! Out of the tundra. I can't wait to hear you bagging on Texans. So much blog fodder.

boredmando said...

I don't think my eyes see 3-D properly. The first 3-D movie I went to see in forever was Alice in Wonderland (totally by mistake, noticed everyone else was grabbing glasses as they came in and I was like "oops"). Spent most of the movie wondering if I was missing something awesome and slightly moving around in my seat to see if my odd eye was ruining things.

Texas. Too much heat. And sun.

Gwen said...

Holy shit, Batman! How are you going to pack and move to the other end of the continent in 6 days? SIX DAYS?!

Do you need me to come up there and help?

Also, is Texas closer to St. Louis than Michigan? I'm too lazy to look it up.

Frenchie said...

Just read about YDH's promotion on Facebook! Happy you're leaving the Tundra, but sad that you won't be within driving distance anymore. :-( It'll give us an excuse to fly to Texas though! :-)

Dale said...

Now that's a fecking post! I finally decided to post and mentioned 3D as well, what are the odds? Good luck to you both in your rush off to Texas!

Coaster Punchman said...

Ok, drinks in Dallas it is - but I have to warn you, I'm much better on paper. Just ask Beckeye and Dale.

If I can't judge your home, can I at least judge your choice of bars? C'mon, throw a Punchman a bone...

Anonymous said...

First of all, SLACKER...I can't believe you only post once a month :)

You're going to love Texas. You're going to hate moving. That is all I can give you today :)

BTW, word verifcation is "dosche".

Linka72 said...

Well, you already know that my uterus is a lying crack whore, I won't mention her again.
And because I am a mean, pregnant, asshole - I will tell you that Texas was the hottest, most miserable place I have ever visited..(and I lived in the High Desert of California for years!)
Having shared that assvice, CONGRATS!! Seriously, I hope you have fun on your journey..I mean um adventure..and stuff. {insert awkward internet hug here}