Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm sure it's a fine quality vehicle

You know how most car dealerships these days put their own little stamp on your car somehow so that you'll drive around unwillingly advertising for them? Sometimes it's a license plate holder or sometimes if the dealership has really big balls it's an outright chrome thingamajob that's welded directly to your car. That's irritating. Maybe just to me. I'm not a logo kind of gal.

I keep seeing vehicles all over town lately that have the outright chrome thingamajob logo and it says "Krapohl Ford". I assume this is pronounced craphole. I'm sure that the Krapohls are a wonderful familiy with a proud lineage, but I wouldn't want that welded to my car. I think I would be extra mad if I bought a car and was not only forced to provide free advertising for the dealership, but also to drive around with Kraphohl welded to my car for all to see. Is the chrome Krapohl optional? Do you get a discount for giving the dealership free advertising? Well, it's not worth it. I might even pay a little extra for my car not to say "Kraphohl".

Maybe the Krapohl's are just used to it and don't even give it a second thought. I mean, my maiden name was Greene and I kinda forgot after awhile that it's a color, and that people associate with Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo, it's not easy being green and so on. So maybe the Krapohls forget that their name reminds people of an outhouse and felt like it was ok to weld a small shiny version of it onto every car they sell for me to ponder over and giggle at while I'm at traffic lights.

Maybe it's pronounced crepe hole or craaa-pole with a long a - I don't know, but I would be disappointed if either one of those was right. It'll always be crap hole to me.

One might argue that I'm giving the Krapohls free advertising and to that I say fair enough. I have made fun of their name so the least I can do is offer a little free promotion of their fine business establishment to all of the 3 people who have ever read this blog. Kraphohl - you are welcome.

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